Project to Educate Hawaii Parents about Drug Issues

PHOENIX, Arizona (KHNL) -- Hawaii parents will receive tips from a national organization on how to talk to their kids about drugs.

This summer, Project 7th Grade will be presenting its middle school drug prevention program for the Hawaii National Guard Substance Abuse Prevention Program on June 10th and the Hawaii State PTSA conference in Honolulu on June 14.

Representatives of Project 7th Grade will speak to parents about strategies to keep their families drug-free.

Statistics show there is a 40% increase in first time drug use during June and July as compared to any other month during the year.

"Drug use triples between 6th and 8th grades, of kids who experiment with at least one drug 34% will become regular users by the end of the year," said Lacy Lowrey, Manager of National Programming and Development for Project 7th Grade.  "Project 7th Grade is prepared to educate parents about drugs and give them the necessary tools to keep their families drug free."

The program is free to schools and parents.

Each family that attends will receive a free First Check home drug test kit and information about creating their own family drug prevention plan.

Photos courtesy of Project 7th Grade