Local Ties to China Quake Victims

AnMing Tan
AnMing Tan

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- KHNL News 8 speaks with two men who have family members in the battered region of China where a devastating earthquake claims more than 10,000 lives.

AnMing Tan learns from his brother in Chengdu things do not look good. He tells us, "In some areas, one out of 10 people (have been) killed or hurt... One out of 10!"

And the news is only expected to get worse.

Tan says, many are still unaccounted for. He adds, "I think my estimate at the end of the survey, I will not be surprised if it's more than 15,000 people."

Chris Mcnally is a researcher for the east west center in Honolulu is already in China and is making his way through the devastated region. He's trying to reach his family in person.

He tells us, "Basically, their house is a mess." McNally adds, "There are some cracks in the walls, but everything's on the floor."

Fortunately his family is alright for now. But he tells us, the aftershocks continue. A 5.0 hit the area again at about 6:30 pm HST -- almost 10 hours after the devastating 7.9 quake.

And what's making the rescue effort even more difficult, is the bad rainy weather.

Mcnally tells us, "Emergency help is on the way." He says, "Helicopters flew up yesterday evening and the Premiere, Wen Jiabao has arrived in Chengdu and is directing the effort." But he says, "The roads are closed, so they have to reach the hardest areas by foot."

16,000 troops have arrived to help, and another 34,000 are en route. But many of the roads into the worst hit areas are blocked by large boulders and fallen trees.

The tremors have continues nonstop. The Sichuan Siesmology Bureau reported more than 310 aftershocks so far.