Superdelegate Dolly Strazar Endorses Barack Obama

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Hawaii Democratic National Committeewoman, Dolly Strazar endorsed Barack Obama for President Monday, adding her name to the growing local and national list of supporters.

In a statement, Strazar says:

"As a Democratic National Committeewoman, I have felt it my duty to let this unique presidential campaign process play out, one that has reached across the country and engaged millions of Americans in expressing their preference for a Democratic nominee before expressing my preference as a superdelegate.

I am now convinced that it is time to pull together behind a single candidate who has the backing of a growing number of Americans.  I therefore announce my wholehearted endorsement of Senator Barack Obama.

I have had and still do have the utmost respect for Senator Hillary Clinton and the positive and uplifting force that both of the Clintons have been in Hawaii.  It excites me, however, to enter active campaigning for a son of Hawaii who learned the lessons of 'getting along' that so dominate the values of the people of the fiftieth state. I am convinced that these values of inclusiveness and respect for differences that we take for granted in Hawaii are part of what has made our America a nation based on freedom, equality, justice and the pursuit of happiness. I further believe that these values will serve to unify our country and lead us to victory in November.

The will of Democrats in Hawaii was expressed loudly and clearly in February and I am proud to see that that same vision has been reflected throughout the country in Democratic support for Senator Obama."

Dolly joins Hawaii Congresswoman Mazie Hirono, who declared on Friday, and Congressman Neil Abercrombie as Hawaii Superdelegates for Obama.