Parents Say Makakilo Park A Safety Hazard

MAKAKILO (KHNL) -- An Oahu park is in such bad shape, parents say their kids are suffering cuts and bruises, even sprained ankles. They say Makakilo Community Park has been neglected for far too long.

Parents and kids who use Makakilo Park are not only upset about the deteriorating park, they also question why nearby parks are in much better condition, and appear to be getting more financial attention.

The contrast between Makakilo Community Park and Kapolei Community Park has residents saying 'No Fair'.

"Makakilo is growing now, and Makakilo deserves just as much attention too," said Emma Lenchanko, a Makakilo resident.

Parents say conditions at Makakilo Park leave their children walking on dangerous ground.

"I was swinging, my foot got stuck to a ripped hole on the mat, and I flew off and I got these scars," said Kahlani Adams, a Makakilo resident.

"Because everybody is walking in slippers, their toes would get caught," said one mom who didn't want to give her name.

Signs of neglect go beyond the playground, zig zagging across the basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts.

"My son has gotten sprained ankles from the cracks. I'm really upset and appalled at the conditions," said Lenchanko.

Last year, the city did allocate $200,000 to replace Makakilo Park's playground equipment. But parents say they have yet to see a single penny used for improvements.

Council member Nestor Garcia represents Makakilo. Calls to his office Thursday and Friday have not been returned.