Ground Beef Products Recalled

Shaneno Lino
Shaneno Lino

By Mari-Ela David

KAPOLEI (KHNL) -- A safety alert out of Hawaii's largest meat processor - a beef recall could impact your next big cook-out.

The Kapolei company announces a voluntary recall of nearly 69,000 pounds of beef. As of Thursday evening, Palama Meat Company says it has recovered 40% of the recalled meat. That means 60% could still be in stores.

The recall affects certain beef with the May's brand. Even when cooked, there's still a risk. Health experts say don't rely on color. Just because it looks cooked, doesn't mean the temperature is high enough to kill harmful bacteria like E coli.

It's the very first public recall in Palama Meat Company's 55-year history.

Under the discretion of the United States Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service, the Kapolei processing plant pulled out specific May's brand beef products from stores.

"We just had my grandfathers cremation on Sunday and it was for our family picnic so we went to the NEX and bought it. We bought like five boxes and we just barbecued everything and ate it because we're all used to patty May's, but this is a shock," said Shaneno Lino, a customer.

The recall involves the following May's products:

*6 and 10 pound boxes of may's teriyaki beef patties

*24 pound boxes of the beef picnic patties

*10 pound three-in-one layer pack

*3 pound trays of May's ground beef family pack

*5 and 10 pound chubs of the course and fine ground beef

"We are all watching it today at my mom's and we're all looking at each other like is it serious, is it dangerous because we all ate it and we have a lot of small kids in our family," said Lino.

Palama Meat Company CEO Bill Loose says E coli was detected in one batch of raw material purchased from an outside vendor. He says none of the recalled meat has tested positive for the bacterium, and no one has reported getting sick.

But the company still triggered the recall as a precautionary move to protect the public.

If you have any May's beef, check for the product code on the orange sticker to see if it's listed in the recall. The affected meat was produced from April 9th through April 21st.