Crybaby Matinees Cater to Families with Babies

Puna Lee
Puna Lee
Roxanne Decoit
Roxanne Decoit

PEARLRIDGE (KHNL) -- For many movie goers, a crying baby can disrupt your enjoyment of the film.

But now moms and dads can relax during special showings that are family friendly.

Pick up some hot, buttery popcorn, add a cool drink and you are ready to watch a movie.

But for moms with little ones there's anxiety every time you stroll into the theatre.

Puna Lee has been embarrassed when other movie goers make a scene and tell her baby to "shhhh."

"Uncomfortable, I don't like that, it's why I don't go to the movies with my kids," said Lee.

Now she fits in among other families with children.

"I'm excited so that we can watch a movie and not be uncomfortable there are other crying babies also."

Consolidated Theatres offer a variety of cry baby matinees.

"Any noise you feel uncomfortable people look at you and you need to go out of the theatre and miss your movie and you are paying for a service you expect to receive," said Theater manager Roxanne Decoit.

"It is sometimes to go to the movies with our kids everybody is always hushing you up, I feel uncomfortable. It's nice to know you can come here enjoy the movie catered to the kids," said Lee.

Puna and daughter Aurbrey settle in to watch the hit feature Baby Mama.

"It's a great opportunity for parents to come to the theatre in the comfort of a family friendly environment."

Besides booster seats, they added the basics.

"We added a baby changing table a stroller valet the lights are brought up a little brighter and the sound is lowered so not to scare any children," said Decoit.

The feature film this week is Baby Mama, a comedy many of these moms can relate to.

Consolidated Theatres offers the "Crybaby Matinees" at all of it's locations. Children under five get in free.

So far, the Mililani Theater has had the biggest turnout.