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May 7, 2008

Clear Danger; Rice Ruse

A couple of local items of note...

Jellyfish all over the beaches, and who gets that job of counting exactly how many there are? Volunteers, of course... 100 here, 800 there, 25 over in this area- "...don't interrupt me when I'm counting, please; now where was I, oh yeh, 21, 22, 23." The big question remains why these blobs appear right after a full moon, and why we have more of them washing up here during certain cycles, but it is vital to know as a beachgoer where and when this invertebrate landing is happening.

Getting stung by one of these phantoms of the ocean is no picnic, of course, and the simple name of these floating goo-monsters sure doesn't help you realize how dangerous they can be- "jellyfish": it sounds like a cute, little pet that you might find in an aquarium, not a floating, clear, orb that can cause intense pain.

Back on land, apparently, a bunch of people have gotten a bit paranoid and are hoarding rice. Let's make it crystal clear- there is no rice problem in this country, I think. Now we do have lots of issues these days with the economy, and gas prices, and world perception of the U.S., but rice, albeit a vital local staple, is not something that should be causing anyone anxiety or forcing storage issues in the garage. Relax, go down to the beach- just watch out for what's in the water. Think about it...

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