Honolulu City Council Maps Rail Stops

Barbara Marshall
Barbara Marshall

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The Honolulu City Council is moving forward with the design of transit stops along the rail route, but it's back to the drawing board when it comes to rail itself.

Councilmembers passed a resolution pinpointing the rail stops on a map. "Up until this point we've been vague, and generally told people where each transit location will be located," said Councilmember Charles Djou.

Now that we know where the rail will stop, landowners can look at which parcels could be seized to complete the project.

One of the 20 stops along the 19 mile initial route would be in Kalihi, which is expected to be a problem spot because of the high density of homes and businesses there.

With the latest action by the council, environmental impact statements can now be started and the designs of the stops will be open to debate by the public.

What is also open to debate, again, is the technology that will used in the transit project. "We don't have any clear idea of what is the right thing to do and it seems to me that as long as there are many questions we should keep the options open," said Councilmember Barbara Marshall.

Councilmembers opened up their options by passing a pair of bills looking at alternatives to the steel wheels on steel rail plan. "Now we have to start all over again at square one and thats what is happening, a new bill to try and select the technology," said Djou.

But the last time a bill to pick the rail technology was before the council, they couldn't decide. Leading some to wonder what this latest move is all about. "What's going on with the City Council, on one level who the heck knows? I am a City Councilman and I have no idea." adds Djou.

If you are looking for exactly where the rail stops will be located, click on the City's Web site link or the Honolulu Transit link.