Turbulent Times Coming to an End for Some Aloha Airline Employees

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Its been a tough 5 weeks for former Aloha Airline's ramp agent, David Crump. "Its been a lot of question marks, what are we going to do, how are we going to pay our bills? A lot of question marks and uneasiness."

Like hundreds of other Aloha employees, when the business went under David was suddenly without a job. But for ramp agents, flight attendants and others, there was some hope. Hawaiian Airlines had job openings, but not enough for everyone.

"Knowing I'm competing with my family and friends, and people I work with and ultimately one of us is going to get chosen over the other, you feel lucky that you get picked but the news is bittersweet." says Crump.

Hawaiian hired 110 former Aloha employees to fill positions and is currently training the new workers. "It is enormously rewarding to be able to help out some of the families affected by Aloha's closure. In fact many of those families are our families too." says Hawaiian Airlines Vice President of Public Affairs, Keoni Wagner.

Crump no longer needs his Aloha ID badge because the company has been broken up.

And next week he'll be wearing a different uniform, but he'll always be part of the Aloha family.

"People see Aloha and Hawaiian as competition but we're doing the same job we're still family. They are two different companies but we still have love for each other no matter what uniform we're wearing." adds Crump.

And there is still more jobs needed to be filled with Hawaiian Airlines. Over the next few months they'll hire 125 more people for ground services, customer services and maintenance jobs.