Marine Artist Paints Big Wave of Happiness

Hilton Alves
Hilton Alves

WAIALUA (KHNL) -- A community mural project which depicts Waimea Bay and spans Waialua High School's 28' tall by 120' long gym wall was a huge success.

Marine artist Hilton Alves began the mural on April 21 and finished it in time for the Waialua Complex Education Fair on May 1.

The mural, named Malie Waimea, took nine to ten hours a day, used 40 gallons of paint, 150 bottles of water, 200 paint brushes and included more than 300 students, community supporters and volunteers to complete.

Waialua High School teacher Kenneth Capes says the project took on a life of its own when the students got to be a part of it.

"They were able to become artists, assistants, supporters, promoters and to some students, it became a reason to come to school," said Capes.  "The mural is beautiful and holds a lot of history behind its nine days of coming to life."

The mural is the biggest to date and is part of a project called Surf Art Kids, started by Alves in 2004 in Brazil.