Homeless Shelter Get Extension on Lease

Edgar Auld
Edgar Auld

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- It's a great weekend for a Kakaako homeless shelter. Last night the Next Step Homeless Shelter honored its volunteers. Now they have more reason to celebrate.

Their lease at the warehouse was due to expire at the end of June. Several non-profit organizations negotiated with the State Housing Authority and were granted a one year extention.

The one year extention brought much relief for many of the shelters residents including Edgar Auld. He, along with his wife and 6 kids, have been at the shelter trying to take that next step, which would be to move in to a place of their own. Without the extention he and the other homeless at the shelter would be left with few options.

"If it wasn't for that we'd have 200 plus people back on the streets again. As for me and my family it would be the eight of us back into my truck again," said Edgar Auld.

Since Auld and his family moved to the shelter 7 months ago they've been trying to save enough money to move out. One more year of trying to catch up could make a difference.

"It gives everybody hope, o.k. We got one more year to try and make something happen before the year is up," said Auld.

For people who are alone at the shelter, gaining independence might be easier than for those who are supporting families.

"Finding some place that's affordable for a family of eight, that's the hardest thing that we have, to try and get out there. It's not impossible but it's almost impossible," said Auld.

The one year extention is a sign that the community does care about the homeles situation in Hawaii.

"There is people with heart out there, that's what it tells us and that people care," said Auld.

Another year to support one another, celebrate holidays and enjoy having a place to call home.

Since the shelter opened in may of 2006 more than 300 individuals and families have taken the final step and transitioned into their own homes.