The Prices of Bread, Pizza and Pastries Likely To Rise

Shirley Shimamoto
Shirley Shimamoto
J.J. Luangkhot
J.J. Luangkhot

HONOLULU (KHNL)--If you are still suffering sticker shock from the price of gas and rice, the cost of another stable is skyrocketing. We investigate how the price of flour is affecting local business owners.

At La Pizzarina, regular customers return because they love the pizza crust. A special recipe that includes flour. And for the owners it's the price of flour that is hard to swallow. Flour is one of the main ingredients of so many of the foods we love.

Customers at La Pizzarina may not know it but cost of making the pizza pie has gone way up because of the dough.

"It's like doubled since the flour went up so it's really hard for us," said owner Shirley Shimamoto.

Local pizzerias like Magoos and La Pizzarina are suffering due to a spike in the cost of flour. But the owners say they are not passing the cost onto customers, yet.

"The flour went up, wheat flour, dairy, cheese everything went up but my price I keep the same because my customers come every day. So I try to keep it same," said Shimamoto.

While some aren't passing on the price increase, at Auntie Pastos, there is a sign up explaining why they no longer include free bread with every take out meal. You get their bread when you dine in but if you want it with your take out order, you'll have to pay 75 cents. Managers say it's their way of keeping up with rising flour costs.

Recent environmental, agricultural and economical trends have caused wheat prices to soar. Farmers who used to grow wheat now chose corn for ethanol.

It's not really something you think about when you order a dozen piping hot malasadas from Leonard's bakery but one of the main ingredients in the sweet dough is flour. Customers count on J.J.'s Bistro on Waialae to satisfy their sweet tooth. But the owner who creates fine french pastries is feeling the pinch.

"I believe it was last month when they tell me flour is going up, not only flour but soy bean going up. So for us a little harder because we cannot raise the price," said bistro owner J.J. Luangkhot.