Kamehameha Schools Students Put Fitness To The Test

Ala Moana Beach Park, Oahu (KHNL)-- Unless you're a work-out junkie, swimming 3,000 meters and running a 10 K all on the same day may not sound like fun. That's exactly what students from Kamehameha Schools found themselves doing early this morning at Ala Moana Beach Park for their annual Fitness Day.

Approximately 900 freshmen and sophomores participated in the splash and dash.

"It's like an athletic contest," explained Kamehameha Schools President Dr. Michael Chun. "You're hurt during practice and have fun during the game. Well, this is the game!"

Depending on who you ask, it's not all fun and games. The freshmen can either select a 3,000 meter swim or run. The sophomores must complete a biathlon that consists of a 300 meter swim and a four or five miles run. Adding to the pressure, students must cross the finish line by a certain time, or they'll have to train harder for the event next year.

"It's a graduation requirement, every student has to go through this," said Dr. Chun.

Throughout the year, students work out in preparation for Fitness Day, running up and down hills and swimming laps at the school pool.

"We train and if we train hard then we do well on this," said Sophomore Alana Wilson who said she had no problems during her run and swim.

"The health of Hawaiians has always been challenged. Part of it is diet, part of it is lifestyle," said Dr. Chun.

These Kamehameha Students are proving they are willing to take on the challenge.

"It helps teach and discipline us so we can have good physical fitness and have longer lives and healthier lives too. I'm very proud of our school for making us do these kinds of events."

Dr. Chun hopes this a life-long lesson in fitness.

"If they're still out here swimming at Ala Moana or running around the park here, then we've done our job," said Dr. Chun.