Exclusive: Officers Take Down Suspected Internet Predator in Front of Main Police Station

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- It's probably not a good idea to do anything bad right in front of a police station. But an electronic enticement suspect is accused of doing just that.

Elaine Chan's daily routine receives a jolt, when plain-clothes officers pounce on a man right outside her workplace.

"I feel scared," she said. "I saw about six or seven police, all the regular shirts, and then I saw the gun."

Police handcuff a 23-year-old man suspected of being an internet predator. Sources say Eric Shiroma went online and arranged to meet two 13-year-old girls for sex.

"Oh, not good that guy, yeah," Chan said. "Not good for the young, yeah. I get a daughter, too. I scared."

Investigators say the Mililani resident was actually chatting online with an undercover agent. Officers were waiting, when Shiroma pulled up in his car at the meeting place.

"They catch him like that, and then they put the (handcuffs)," Chan said, while demonstrating what she saw. "And then like that."

Officers didn't have to go far to make the arrest. The meeting place, Tai Sei Ramen, is across the street from Honolulu police headquarters.

"Nothing happen over here, yeah," Chan said about the restaurant's location. "Because close to the police station, yeah, more safe over here."

"First time (something like this has happened)?" this reporter asked.

"Yeah, first time, first time," she replied.

Shiroma was booked on suspicion of two counts of electronic enticement. He's awaiting charges.