Job Swap: Jason Tang's 'Hot' Dance

Boyd Luano
Boyd Luano

LAIE (KHNL) -- It's one of the hottest attractions in the islands, and we find out first hand that's meant literally.

The Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) hosts thousands of visitors every day, but to get the real experience, Boyd Luano and the guys at the PCC thought I should give fire knife dancing a try.

It's a job where there's no room for fear, and having fun is the key.

This adventure at the Polynesian Cultural Center begins two months ago. Fire knife dancing isn't something you just pick up and do, it's something you have to work at.

"Alright you ready," asked Luano.  "You want to try now?"

"No," I said.

It takes guts to hold the flaming knives for the first time.

"I need to get some insurance first," I said.

"You don't have it, give it," Luano said.

Insurance comes into play later.

But in this first lesson with Boyd, we go over the basics with unlit knives.

"All you gotta do is just let the fire knife go right around your arm and then you catch it back," said Boyd.

However, for a rookie that's not as easy as it looks.

By the end of our lesson, the feel begins to come, but there's still a long way to go.

"Got it, like he said a lot of practice - a lot of practice."

Practice, practice and more practice, both with Boyd and on my own.

Practice is supposed to make perfect, but at one point I get much more than I bargain for. A blistered and burnt hand.

To add insult to injury, on the night of the big performance, Boyd gives some wardrobe advice.

"Just make sure you wear something underneath it, we don't want the audience to get another surprise there."

With lack of clothing- we go through the routine one last time.

Things go smoothly but how will it go in front of a live audience who don't even know there's a novice on stage?

The time has come - and I'm ready to fire up and show off my new found talent.

But in no time at all - it's clear advice to keep the day job, while Boyd does his best to make things better.

"I'll put it this way, lots of people have been doing this for awhile, but you only came for a month and a half and today's your first time on."

But really - there's only one thing which will make me feel better.

"I'm going to go put a shirt on, thanks bro."