Aloha Cargo Employees On Pins and Needles

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Aloha Cargo employees eagerly await news from court on their future of their jobs. Most of the 300 employees who showed up for their shifts Thursday are desperately waiting for any news of a deal.

For a second day, some Aloha Cargo employees showed up for work, even though their jobs are still in question.

"We are just hoping for the best we really don't know till we hear the final words," said one employee who didn't give her name.

Aloha Cargo looks like a ghost town. The normally bustling shipping bays are closed, no customers in line to ship their goods around the state. The cargo crew waits for news of the expected sale.

"The outcome of today we can't really say anything because we don't know until the court get out," said Aloha Cargo Worker Peter Koike. "Our whole group showed up. Why? Cause we were hoping we would start working again."

But after  eight hours of waiting, employees leave without any answers.

They volunteered to help customers stranded by the sudden shutdown. And it didn't go unnoticed by their future boss, the president of Saltchuk.

"To think we've been reviewing and they have been coming in the past couple days and not being paid and they are still trying to make cargo move, it's just absolutely remarkable the commitment that they have," said Tim Engle, Saltchuk president.

Some employees like Peter Koike have worked for Aloha cargo for more than 30 years.

"My hope for everybody, the 300 plus employees, everything goes through as planned at least that would give half the people jobs if not way more than that, so that would be the best thing that would happen," said Koike.