Hale Kipa

For 40 years Hale Kipa has been "the House of Friendliness" to thousands of Hawaii's runaways and homeless youth who need a place to stay and someone to talk to while they work out their problems.

Hale Kipa provides counseling, support, advocacy, shelter, foster care, transitional living and many other services for at-risk youth. Since the 1970's, we have helped more than 30,000 young people in the Aloha State.

Hale Kipa is private, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting at-risk youth and their families. We are a progressive, collaborative and culturally sensitive agency, helping Hawaii's young people reach their full potential and demonstrate social responsibility. 

For all qualified employees, Hale Kipa provides an excellent benefit package.

Health coverage, which includes medical, dental, vision and drug is offered to all eligible employees who have a choice between Kaiser and UHA. Dental is provided through Hawaii Dental Service. 

Base plans are paid in full by Hale Kipa.  Additional coverage for a spouse and/or dependents is available at the employee's cost.

Flexible Spending Plans are also available for Dependent Care and Medical Reimbursement expenses.

A PTO (paid time off) plan is the system Hale Kipa uses for employees taking time off.  Because we believe it is important for employees to have a choice with how they want to utilize the time off they have access to, our PTO system allows them to do just that...choose.  For example, since each holiday does not necessarily have the same significance for each individual, with the PTO system, employees are able to choose which holidays they would like to use PTO for.

Hale Kipa also offers a 401(k) Plan. We believe it is important that employees plan for their future and as an incentive, Hale Kipa does provide an employer match when an employee participates and contributes to their own 401(k) Plan.