Saltchuk Obtains Consent to Buy Aloha Cargo

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- It could be a new beginning for laid-off Aloha Airlines Cargo workers.  A Seattle company, is waiting for a U.S. Bankruptcy Court's approval, to buy Aloha Airlines' Cargo business.

"Saltchuk Resources" obtained financial consent from GMAC to acquire Aloha's Cargo assets.

The companies became involved, when U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye contacted them earlier this week.

Saltchuk and GMAC representatives are in court, presenting their cases.

If the deal is approved, 300 Aloha employees could go back to work Thursday night.

GMAC has agreed to resume funding the operations as soon as the Agreement has been approved.

"GMAC has gone to great efforts and expense to see a successful transition of the business," said Saltchuk President Tim Engle.  "It has taken a great commitment from both of us to see this difficult process through to completion."

Saltchuk has been in business in Hawaii since 2000.

It owns "Young Brothers-Hawaiian Tug & Barge," "Hawaii Fuel Network," "Maui Petroleum" and "Minit Stop" stores.