Fun Job

The other day, I noticed that one fellow got promoted to a new position at a local resort- "director of fun". What a great title, and I guess it says it all. Now we all know people who have lofty titles and places that give everyone a title when some should probably be labeled "vice president of paper clips" for all that they do, or don't do, but what a concept- director of fun.

It sure beats "director of dissent" or "vice president of vice" or "manager of melancholy". And shouldn't we all try to be, in some form, directors of fun at our work places. Nothing worse than hanging around a bunch of unhappy, miscast people for 9 hours a day at work, is there? What do you do to try to keep the mood lighthearted, when appropriate? What do you do to keep things from getting too humdrum and same-old, same-old? What do you do to help out or inspire or improve the physical and mental landscape where you work?

And please, don't just say oh, that's management's job. It's your job to try and make the best of whatever it is you do and wherever it is you do it. Or find something and somewhere else. Director of fun- what a great concept; maybe you can use that as your unwritten subtitle at work, maybe even at home. Laugh a little, live a little, work hard. Not a bad choice at all. Think about it...