Aloha Cargo Back in Business?

Harold Tavares
Harold Tavares

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- It's been quite a turbulent ride for Aloha Cargo. First, bidders express interest, then they pull out, and now a potential buyer is in the picture again and word is it's one of those bidders who backed out Monday.

Former employees are crossing their fingers, hoping they'll get their jobs back. Sources tell KHNL News 8 the potential buyer is Saltchuck, one of the original bidders that backed out before Aloha Cargo shut down.

Negotiations are still going on, but former employees say they plan to come back to work Thursday just in case the deal goes through.

Despite Monday's layoffs, loyal former Aloha Cargo employees still came to work Wednesday to take care of what they consider their second home.

"That's part of Aloha Cargo. We're family here, we just do it because we love it and hopefully that's what's going to take us through this," said former cargo employee Harold Tavares.

They're banking on a potential buyer to come to the rescue. Sources say the owner of Young Brothers, Saltchuck Resources, is back on the bargaining table and although it's not official, the possible deal has sparked hope among former employees.

"Calling back our employees, they were ecstatic like all right! You know, and some of our customers are calling saying congratulations so it's a positive attitude right now," said Tavares.

Former workers say even if negotiations fall through, they'll still come to work. They say it's not so much about the money, it's about the continuing a service Hawaii has depended on the past 60-plus years.

After the shut down, Aloha's bankruptcy case changed from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7. The conversion makes the cargo division cheaper, therefore more attractive for potential investors.