Four Truckers Hit Gulick Overpass In Recent Weeks

HONOLULU (KHNL)--The Gulick overpass on the H-1 freeway is about a foot lower than most, but that still doesn't explain why four trucks have slammed into it in the past two months.

A big rig carrying an illegal load slammed into the Gulick overpass tying up traffic for hours.

It's the fourth time in two months a truck has hit the overpass.

The truck driver hit the Aala overpass then got stuck under the Gulick overpass and backed up traffic. Those at Kalihi Waena Elementary heard it.

"We were in our classroom heard a really loud boom sounded like a explosion or thunder," explains Teacher Liane Marutani.

"We knew already knew what it was knew something hit the bridge again came down checked it out sure enough there is a tractor trailer stuck under the Gulick bridge again. Second time in 2 weeks," says Witness Vic Bajarin.

Last week a big rig slammed into the same overpass. Police cited that driver and issued another one to Alliance Trucking for not having the necessary permit.

"You gotta get those permits where you can go where it's safe to drive, " notes Bajarin.

"If people just take the time to do what they are required to do we wouldn't have this. We will investigate this as well," states Transportation Spokesman Scott Ishikawa.

Back in March another collision, and concrete littered the freeway.

On Wednesday crews used a forklift to dislodge the container. School officials say truck drivers need good math skills.

"I guess people make assumption they are clear they don't know the bridge here is pretty low 14 feet 3 inches is the clearance," believes Stephen Warner, Kalihi Waena Vice Principal.

And the teachers can't help but see a lesson in all this. "But if I was a driver after all that other things that happened I would make sure the route we are taking if there is an overpass I'm gonna check the heights," concludes Warner.