Businesses Scramble for Ways to Deliver Goods Interisland

Mike Walters
Mike Walters

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The Aloha Cargo shutdown is creating a cargo crisis in Hawaii.  Aloha Cargo used to ship everything from bread to flowers to newspapers. Suddenly, many island businesses are forced to find new ways to move merchandise.

Love's Bakery is among the shippers struggling with Aloha's sudden shutdown.

For some Maui customers, your bread may be fresh but it has more than 5,000 miles on it.

Love's executives used a roundabout way to get bread on the tables.

They hired Delta Airlines to fly thousands of pounds of bread to Los Angeles, then to Maui.

"Transition and establishing some from of alternate distribution system which we have already developed for a long term plan," said Mike Walters, president of Love's Bakery. "Right now, dealing with Superferry, have a meeting with them in several minutes."

They're also meeting with Interisland barge company Young Brothers and the small airline Pacific Wings to find the most cost effective way to ship 22,000 pounds of fresh bread daily to the Big Island and Kauai.

"One way or another regardless of the cost, we are going to get them their product," Walters said. "These are viable alternatives to Aloha."

Island flowers are another commodity that must reach destinations quickly.

"We do send some stuff up out to Kauai via Aloha Airlines and have to make an adjustment with already and we do have some stuff coming in from Maui that's on Aloha have to make adjustments with," said Monty Pereira, a sales and marketing director.

Many business owners like those at Watanabe Floral fear the cost of shipping will skyrocket with Aloha out of the picture.

" FedEx has seen a lot more of the business now and I know that has a lot of people concerned without Aloha to compete with FedEx the fear is what will happen with pricing," said Pereira.

The Honolulu Advertiser was several hours late Tuesday morning getting to the neighbor islands having to rely on Hawaiian rather than Aloha Cargo.