Aloha Cargo Employees Finish Last Day of Work

Gerald Hong
Gerald Hong
Aloha Cargo Former Employee
Aloha Cargo Former Employee
George Shuford
George Shuford

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- A day after the announcement of the immediate shutdown of the cargo division, employees were back at work.

They were there to answer questions from customers about leftover cargo. They also spent much of the morning answering questions about the end of Aloha Cargo.

Even though Aloha Cargo is out of business, it was still business as usual for these dedicated employees, who volunteered to come in without pay to make sure shippers aren't stuck.

"We didn't want anyone to be left without their things as much as we could help, it's something we felt we needed to finish up," said Gerald Hong, an Aloha employee for 31 years.

But this last day of work is still one of their most difficult ones.

"It's sad cause the whole company is gone, everything," he said.

During this dark time for employees, one of the bright spots is the familiar faces of customers they've seen day in and day out.

As a sign of the impact these employees made to their customers, all morning long those same customers were here. Not dropping off freight but instead dropping off food to show their support.

Some local businesses will feel the effects of losing the islands biggest cargo carrier.

"Right now, we scrambling, everybody is scrambling," said one former employee.

But others instead, feel the pain of the employees.

"My heart goes out to these guys and their families. It's sad, it's heartbreaking, times are hard enough as it is," said George Shufore, a frequent shipper.

As this day winds down and the last packages depart, the reality of losing their jobs sets in.

As the doors close for good, these employees still have Aloha and support from each other, their former customers.

And even hope for the future.

"Hopefully, we'll start something new as a new adventure, doing one thing or another," said Peter Koike, a 34-year employee.

Employees were passing out these books on their final day.

One that featured the first 50 years of the company but does not include the final chapters of passenger operations ending and now the cargo operations coming to a close.