My Bad

I messed up, and I want to apologize. A couple weeks ago, I chastised members of the legislature for failing to show up for a vote on .50-caliber machine gun rifles, thus causing the bill to be shelved for the year. I questioned why someone would shirk his or her responsibility and miss a vote on a measure that, while controversial, was presented and needed to be dealt with that day. I questioned the capacity of these people to serve. I was wrong, as I have since come to find out that at least two legislators who did not make it to that voting session that day had family emergencies or tragedies.

The bill had a deadline, no quorum was reached that day, and nothing could be done under the circumstances which were, in fact, quite understandable, precluding conscientious legislators from doing their jobs that day. So for this I say- I'm sorry. I was too quick to judge without the facts. We rightfully demand action and decision-making by our elected officials. Well, in this instance, the right action and decision was made by some to put family first during very difficult, very personal times. It happens to us all at some point where we have to make the call about what comes first; it just doesn't make the news when it happens on most people's watch- because most people aren't in the public eye. I should've done my homework about why absent officials missed the vote before lashing out on this specific measure.

This was not the time for the battle cry about government's lack of effectiveness or competency. It was my incompetency.  So, I apologize to those that I misjudged. This week, that's more important for me to admit than to simply say think about it...