Police Sources: Menor's Blood Alcohol Level Well Over Legal Limit

Leah Marx
Leah Marx

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Mothers Against Drunk Driving expressed frustration Monday, after yet another Hawaii public official was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Sources say state Sen. Ron Menor's blood alcohol level was well over the legal limit.

The Democrat, who represents Mililani and Waipio, is free on $500 bail.

Menor denies he was driving while intoxicated, blaming a contact lens and a foot injury for his legal woes. But sources say a breath test at the scene showed his blood alcohol content was 0.14, more than one-and-a-half times Hawaii's legal limit.

"We think everyone should be held to a higher standard in our community," Leah Marx, MADD Hawaii, said. "And we want everyone to realize the risks of drinking and driving."

The 52-year-old was on the H-1 near the Lunalilo Street off-ramp early Sunday morning, when police pulled him over. Sources say he was going just 30 miles per hour on the freeway, and was slowing down traffic.

Menor says he had one to two glasses of wine with his meal, and he had his children with him.

"It just shows that even people in a position such as Ron Menor still have lapse in judgment, and go out there and do something that, you know, can put other people in danger," Marx said.

The lawmaker gave officers a sample of his breath, but refused to take part in a field sobriety test.

"I declined to do so, not only because of impaired vision which I was experiencing (because of an old contact lens), but also because my fractured left foot that I had sustained previously made it difficult to walk," the senator said in a written statement.

"We want anyone that gets in a position where they're arrested, or, you know, under the influence and they're driving, just to take responsibility for their actions and show that it never happens again," Marx said.

Menor supports a bill that would require a device called Ignition Interlock to be installed in the cars of those convicted of DUI. If it detects alcohol on a person's breath above a certain level, it won't allow the car to start.

He's scheduled to make his first court appearance May 27th.