Fittest Execs Search

Kelly Abe Trifonovitch
Kelly Abe Trifonovitch

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The search is on for Hawaii's Fittest Business Execs.

Hawaii Business Magazine is scouring board rooms across the state for executives who not only have healthy careers, but healthy lifestyles. The magazine says, it's an opportunity for Hawaii's business leaders to inspire better health and lead by example.

Kelly Abe Trifonovitch said, "This is the third year that Hawaii Business is doing the Fittest Executives contest and we started it two years ago because we know that wellness was really a concern."

She added, "It's a business concern in the community because it's leading to rising healthcare costs and we thought, what better way to shine the light on what to do about this than to highlight the executives that were really showing initiative in being fit themselves."

To be eligible, nominees must be the chair, CEO, president, managing director, or owner of a Hawaii based business, or the top exec in a business headquartered outside of the state.

All the nominees will participate in a free, 15-minute fitness evaluation that will test upper body strength, cardiovascular fitness, speed, and agility.

To make your nomination, click on the Hawaii Business link.