Curbside Recycling Expands To North Shore

Donovan Dela Cruz
Donovan Dela Cruz

NORTH SHORE (KHNL) -- Residents of Oahu's North Shore will learn more about a plan to bring the city's recycling efforts to their community. Already Mililani and Hawaii Kai residents have adjusted to the recycling program.

They get a weekly garbage pickup with a second collection for recycled items or greenwaste.

But some North Shore neighbors are fearful saying they need their twice a week pick-up.

"Usually yes I have lot of boxes from store and just fill it up to full," said North Shore resident Ikuyo Pavsek.

They share concerns about odors and rodents.

Pavsek added, "It will be a little stink. Guess we should put in ziplock bag but it will be a little trouble."

City officials address their concerns in advance of a meeting to explain the program.

"We believe it's a community that believes in being green. We believe it's a community that wants to see this so we are happy we are going to be able to do that in our next rollout of curbside recycling," said Mayor Mufi Hannemann.

There are growing pains with any new program.

"North Shore is not going to be like Mililani or Hawaii Kai," explained City Councilmember Donovan Dela Cruz. "There are private roads, long driveways, large properties, they are not one house right after the other so I think that is where we might have some hangups."

Some predict sorting is going to be a lot of work.

"I think we can do it because we have a lot of bottles and I'll just put them separate cans. It's gonna be once a week," added Pavsek.

But many feel the extra effort is worth cutting down on what goes to the landfill.

"Yes, it will be a little inconvenient have to get used to it," said Pavsek.