Colt Brennan Reflects on Draft Process

Mel Kiper Jr.
Mel Kiper Jr.
Ron Jaworski
Ron Jaworski

IRVINE, California (KHNL) -- It's a dream he's had ever since he was a child.

But for former Warrior quarterback Colt Brennan, the NFL draft was about as bitter-sweet as the Sugar Bowl. With a day to reflect, Colt Brennan is happy with how the draft went.

"Obviously, you hope to get picked high, but the main thing is where you end up," said Brennan.  "And I can't be more happy with the Washington Redskins."

What he wasn't happy with -- the criticism by ESPN analysts Mel Kiper Junior and Ron Jaworski.

"When you look at a quarterback, can he throw the football well," said Jaworski.  "Can he throw the football accurately? Can he move around in the pocket? Can he process information? Can he anticipate routes? Those are the things that I evaluate, and I just don't see the consistency in Colt Brennan's game."

"It's kinda funny to hear a guy say I need to work on my accuracy when I'm the most accurate quarterback in the history of college football," Brennan said.

"Now, you look at the way he delivers the football," said Kiper. "I call him a slinging sidearm, where the ball comes out all over the place, but it certainly doesn't snapped off over the ear, over the top."

"It's just a release that's nobody's ever seen before," Brennan said.  "It's not a sidearm release. It's not as low as Tony Romo, or Vince Young."

But what stings the most -- the fact that he was the only Warrior to get the call.

"We really got disrespected through the draft process, and all we did was win football games to get to a BCS bowl game. I really feel bad for my receivers, but that just adds more fuel to the fire, and I'm with them, and I got drafted late, and I'm just as eager to prove everybody wrong with them."

Colt leaves California Thursday for D.C. For the "Rookie Mini Camp" this weekend.

He's excited to get started, though he won't be running or throwing due to recent hip surgery. But he did tell us, he's anxious to start learning the playbook.