First Big Surf on Southern Shores

Dean Campos
Dean Campos
Brandon Baer
Brandon Baer

POINT PANIC (KHNL) -- Record breaking heat and big waves in Waikiki can only mean one thing, an early summer swell is here. The first big summer waves are on their way to southern shores and visitors and spectators are taking full advantage.

Dean Campos watches the waves from Point Panic.

"I came out this morning to see if the sets are coming up and slowly it's peaking. And were thinking maybe Tuesday or Wednesday it's going to happen," he said.

Brandon Baer came to ride Hawaii's waves from San Francisco.

"I heard it was going to break big, I got a phone call at 6:30, came out never been here before so figured I'd check it out," he said.

Surfers are ready to rumble at Point Panic now that surf is bumped up on southern shores, were expecting ridable energy there for the next seven days.

At Kewalos Monday, surfers ride waves of four to six foot faces, but by mid week swells banging the south shores will be near warning levels.

"Pretty much one of the bigger swells for the summer and they are looking at maybe eight feet but faces maybe twelve," Campos said.

"It was a little windblown, but it was still fun, it's better than I can get in California, it's a little bit colder there and I've got to have a wetsuit on there," Baer said.

"I'll probably come back out tomorrow, with the surf board, today no board, tomorrow guaranteed," Campos said.

Bring the board and take advantage of the waves before they slowly back off starting Thursday.

Next week, surf on southern shores is forecasted to return to flat levels. So stay waxed and ready this week.