Motocross Racing to Raise Money

John DeSoto
John DeSoto
Holly Nakachi
Holly Nakachi

KAHUKU (KHNL) -- Dirt wasn't the only thing flying around the Kahuku Motocross Track. There was also donations, to help a track volunteer, in her time of need.

The racers formed the "Hawaii Ola Motorcycle Club." All proceeds are donated to those who need help in the motocross community. Organizers say the first recipient couldn't be more deserving, or more in need.

And they're off, for a special weekend race.

"The amount of riders we have today is a tremendous amount," said John DeSoto, the race organizer. "We got riders who never raced before, they wanna come out, because they wanna give back to Holly and Tahlia."

"I feel really blessed right now," said Holly Nakachi. "Never realized how many people cared."

Sunday's races are raising money for Holly and her 4-month old daughter Tahlia. Holly is a former paramedic, who's at the track every weekend, during her time off, to take care of any spills on the course.

But Holly's had to quit her job, to take care of Tahlia, who was born with congenital heart defects.

"Tahlia's doing pretty well," said Nakachi. "She's a little on the low side, but she's making her way slowly."

"What we wanna do is give back to Holly, who's helped us a lot," said DeSoto. "Holly's always there. so that's what we wanna do -- be here and there for Holly and baby."

Baby Tahlia has already undergone one surgery. The bill -- $375,000. And she's scheduled for one more.

Holly says she's overwhelmed by the support at the track, and also from anonymous donations.

"When people were putting money into her account, they wouldn't give their name or anything, they just said from the family, so it's pretty touching," she said.

The group plans to have another race to raise money next month.

Donations for Tahlia are also accepted at any Bank of Hawaii.