Hawaii State Senator Arrested For D.U.I.

Terry Walker
Terry Walker
Richard Ordonio
Richard Ordonio

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Another state official is arrested for driving while intoxicated. It was State Senator Ron Menor, early Sunday morning.

He is the latest high profile public person to be arrested, and some in his community worry about the message our lawmakers are sending out.

According to Honolulu police, the 52-year old was arrested on the H-1 Freeway near the Lunalilo on-ramp after leaving a family function.

Some residents in Mililani were very disappointed.

Ron Menor's arrest is the latest involving a public figure. Entertainer Kimo Kahoano, actor Daniel Dae Kim, and state representative John Karamatsu were also arrested for driving under the influence. Some Mililani residents believe it's a major setback in trying to impress upon kids the importance of driving sober.

"We're always talking to our kids about safe driving practices and preaching to them, so to speak. When something like this happens it just marks against all of our efforts towards raising them and giving them good examples to follow, I think," said Mililani Resident Terry Walker.

Menor is the chairperson of the Energy and Environment Committee serves on the Health Committee, and on the Ways and Means Committee. Some believe he deserves to be forgiven, but needs to pay for his mistake.

"He's been such a pillar in the community, and he's done so much for Mililani. I just hope it's a lesson learned," said Mililani Resident Abby Kidani.

"You should give him a second chance, because nobody is perfect in life," said Mililani Resident Richard Ordonio.

Many were disappointed when they learned of the arrest, but believe it could have been worse.

"Somebody could have gotten hit. There could have been an accident, there could have been a fatality, then he be faced with more than a hang over and a penalty and fine," said Terry Walker.

Only time will tell if this latest incident will have a negative effect on Ron Menors political future.

Honolulu Police had no comment on Senator Menor's blood alcohol level. He was released at 2 o'clock Sunday morning after posting $500 bail.