No Go for go! Passengers

Marie Anderson
Marie Anderson
Ralph Ortolano
Ralph Ortolano

HONOLULU (KHNL) --  Anger rises from go! passengers after they're grounded Saturday morning, leaving some inter-island travelers stranded in paradise.

"I couldn't believe it," said Marie Anderson, a Kunia resident who was trying to get to Maui.  "We hadn't heard any announcement over the flight being delayed. We had plans to be there. It was frustrating."

While some may not mind extra time on Oahu or the neighbor islands, there were passengers needing to get connecting flights or to special events.

Many of them didn't get to their destination when they wanted to.

go! says a maintenance issue with one of its planes caused this morning's delays.  Passengers are naturally frustrated, and say this is not what they were expecting.

The fight screen at the old inter-island terminal says it all; one delay after another Saturday morning for go! passengers.

"It causes me a lot of concern," said Ralph Ortolano, a visitor from California who says his trip's off to a bad start.

"I have a real quick turnaround," he said.  "I'm supposed to be there at 3:10 pm and I kind of have a very tight schedule. This is going to really foul me up."

And Marie Anderson and Pearl, her Papillon dog, were supposed to be in Maui for a dog show Saturday morning.

"The flight was delayed until 10:30 and we were going to be showing shortly after 10," she said. "There was no way so we basically had to scratch our plans for the day."

Anderson says she wasn't told the flight was delayed, and couldn't get any answers from go! employees.

"Nobody was really clear on what was going on and we were kind of ignored and kind of pushed off on the side," she said.

go! says a maintenance issue with one of its planes caused Saturday morning's delays, affecting every flight on that plane's morning schedule.  This domino effect is making air travelers think twice the next time they fly.

"If you're going to spend $200 to turn around and go to an island and come back the same day, and your plans are going to get all fouled up, what do you care if you spend a little extra money to fly with a more reliable airline?" asked Ortolano.

"After today and hearing other people's experiences too, that we're standing in line with, I'm never going to fly go! again," said Anderson.

go! passengers who were stuck Friday were given hotel accommodations, and booked on flights Saturday.  go! says it will do its best to take care of displaced customers.