Police Still Have No Shooting Suspects In Custody

Julie Stanley
Julie Stanley

MCCULLY (KHNL) -- Residents in McCully are still in shock after a man with multiple gunshot wounds was dumped in their neighborhood Thursday night.

Police still have no suspects in custody.

Julie Stanley lives behind Washington Middle School, and says it's not unusual to see blue lights in the area.

"There's kind of a police presence in this neighborhood," she said. "There seems to be a lot going on usually. But nothing really that serious has ever happened."

But now, she and others are shaken up after hearing a shooting victim was left to die in their neighborhood. Police sealed off Waiola Street at about 11 Thursday night.

"They told me later that they were investigating a man who had apparently gotten shot several times," Stanley said. "And then I don't know if he was pushed out of a car, but he was just left on the corner."

Sources identify the victim as 24-year-old Charles Hayward of Waikiki. They say he has half a dozen gunshot wounds to his head, chest and abdomen.

Paramedics rushed him to the hospital in critical condition.

"He could have been hanging out with the wrong people," Stanley said. "And I really don't think that I would get myself into that kind of trouble, you know. But it's still scary that things like that happen."

Sources say officers found a bullet casing at the scene.

Stanley says the case makes her re-think living in this neighborhood.

"Yeah, definitely. I mean, especially just a few weeks ago, you know, there was a robbery like right over here," she said. "And for those of us who ride the bus home, we have to walk at night. And, you know, you never know what can happen."

Investigators are not releasing a description of the car that left the victim behind.