Affordable Apparel Comes to Islands

Roger Ubaldo
Roger Ubaldo

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- When it comes to athletic apparel, there are just a few big names. But wearing those big names, comes at a hefty price.

One store that just opened in Hawaii is bucking that trend.

Marbury, Big Ben, Bubba and Venus.

All names sports fans are familiar with. And now, all names local shoppers can get their hands -- and feet -- on.

"About 17 or 18, something like that," said Roger Ubaldo, about how many pairs of shoes he had in his cart.

"There's never enough shoes," said Kristine Perez, who was buying about ten of her own.

These athletes' signature apparel are exclusive to the Steve and Barry stores, which just opened its first Hawaii location at Waikele Premium Outlets. Their philosophy -- provide premium apparel at impossibly low prices.

Tight now, everything in the store is $9.98.

"You go Champs, or Foot Locker, for the price of eight, you only get one shoes," said Ubaldo.

"They're stylish," said Perez. "They're really nice. All my girlie color."

All of these athletes signed on, because growing up, they knew the feeling of wanting the name brand, but not being able to afford it.

"For the price and for his name, for him to endorse it, i think it's great for the kids," said Ernie Peralta.

And kids -- and parents -- are willing to stand in long lines to get them.

"It's worth it," said Ubaldo, who waited 90 minutes just to pay. "Price of shoes is worth it already."

"Nothing can compare to this," said Perez. "$9.98? Can you buy these shoes at Foot Locker? i don't think so."

Some may think that because of the price, it lacks quality.

Well, a study at a New York design school tested the affordable shoes to shoes from another major brand. They actually cut the shoes in half.

And it found that there was no difference in the quality of design and materials.