Vog Conditions Keep Many Indoors

OAHU (KHNL) -- Earlier Friday, the skies were thick with the vog.

The day started OK but by Friday afternoon, the vog set in bringing temperatures up and visibility down . Here at Magic Island, there were fewer people than normal enjoying the day.

It's a place where people go to jump in the surf, get some exercise and take pictures. But over the past few weeks, vog has kept many people indoors escaping the heat and sulfur oxide emitted from volcanoes on the Big Island. It's just a part of living in Hawaii.

"Vog has always happened but it's more intense right now."

Magic Island is also popular among newlyweds looking to get that romantic picture with Diamond Head in the background. On this day, you have to squint to see the crater.

"I can't see Diamond Head clearly but still I can see there smiles so this is a wonderful day," said Allan Wong.

Allan Wong uses the park regularly and he's not letting Pele get in his way of getting his daily exercise.

"Whether it's a lot of vog or even if it rains a little bit, I'm still out here," said Wong.

For others, the vog has more serious effects.

Judy Burns is in good physical shape but her mother who just moved to Hawaii permanently, sn't so lucky. She suffers from adult asthma and requires special treatment including the use of a huge air purifier, especially on days like this.

"We have to close the house up completely up, put on the three overhead fans pout on an oscillating fan, turn on the air purifier, so that she can breathe period," said Burns.

Trades winds are expected back over the next few days bringing relief, from the heat, lack of visibility and a chance to breathe cleaner air.