New DVD Captures Images of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Mick Kalber
Mick Kalber

KILAUEA (KHNL) -- This year, emissions from Kilauea volcano have been as much as ten times above normal levels which makes it difficult for visitors to get an up close and personal view of the lava flow.

A new DVD is filled with images, that visitors to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park rarely see. Voggy conditions make it hard to believe that almost a year ago, Madam Pele took a month long break.

"It was kind of a curious pause actually. Periodically Pele needs to rearrange her plumbing system and the transportation system that takes the lava to where it ends up coming out," said Volcanographer Mick Kalber.

He was there when Pele reappeared, to capture nature's beauty in high definition.

"This is actually Waikupanaha, this is the entry into the ocean that's going on right now. This is when it first entered back into the ocean," Kalber said.

Kalber has been shooting the volcano for the past 25 years. He's releasing a DVD, called Volcanoscapes Special Edition. It's packed with 40-minutes of lava footage. It captures, in exquisite detail, images never before seen.

"When people go down to see the lava their kind of held back a ways, and they can't get up close and personal so we do that for them," Kalber said.

He's also releasing a second one-hour-long DVD entitled Kilauea's flow to Waikupanaha.

It's a great background for a party and features music by Hilo's slack key guitarist, Ben Kaili.

"Seeing the lava flow up close and personal in high definition is a special treat," Kalber said. The DVD is available on Blue Ray and HD DVD.