Walter, the Window Washer

Andrew Tanaka
Andrew Tanaka
Chip Hill
Chip Hill

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- It's a profession where hanging out is not only encouraged, it's required.

But it's not as laid back as it seems, especially if you're afraid of heights.

The job of a professional high rise window washer takes nerves of steel and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

After filling out an application and answering a few questions the job is mine.

An elevator takes me to the roof of the Hawa'iki Tower, one of Honolulu's tallest buildings.

That's where the crew awaits the newest member of the team. After a few safety lessons, I cautiously peer over the edge for the first time and quickly realize, this job swap could potentially be my last!

Andrew Tanaka of World Wide Window Cleaning gives me some advice, "The most important thing is probably really knowing your knots." He says, "I mean, that's our life line... If you don't know how to tie a knot, you're just going to go down the building."

The only knot I know how to make is on a neck tie.

Then, they show me the tiny 18 inch seat i'll be dangling from,

and the nerves start to kick in.

If there's any chance of backing out, now's the time!

Pushing forward, up and over the wall I go, blindly trusting my feet will somehow find that little seat.

The 45 story building is a monstrosity. An anchorman surrounded by two professionals; All of us using the figure eight stroke that keeps the streaks off the glass.

My new co-worker reminds me to enjoy one of the great benefits of the job.

Andrew Tanaka says, "My office view is better than anybody else's corner office. He adds, "I get to be outdoors everyday, and it's always something new no matter what."

The view outside is sweeping, but be careful about the inside.

Chip Hill says, "I dropped down on a room of Japanese tourists, and the next thing you know, they all scurried out of the room like I was some SWAT team member coming through their window."

And Tanaka tells me about one of his recent incidents, "I'm coming down the building, coming down the ledge, cleaning cleaning, the next thing I know, I see this lady running across naked... I'm like what?"