One-on-One with Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- With Jack Johnson, what you see, is what you'll get. The local singer has found musical success around the globe. But he's still the same boy from Oahu, wearing a t-shirt and slippers. It doesn't matter how many hits Johnson has, that's what you'll see him in. But that wasn't always the case.

"I remember this one show I wore shoes and a collared shirt for the first couple shows I was playing, it was a big deal you know, people come to see me because I was living in California after college for a few years, I put on a buttoned up shirt, and shoes it was a big event for me, then after about 5 shows, I thought if I don't be careful, i'm going to have to wear collared shirts and shoes everytime I play," said Johnson.

His wardrobe quickly changed, but he, never did. The Oahu-born singer and songwriter, tours the world, with the same mellow attitude he's had since his surfing days on the North Shore. He recently came back from Japan, where he learns a new phrase, each time he visits.

"Actually this time it was 'atama wa zenzen dame desu,' which I guess ends up meaning 'I'm stupid.' My friend tricked me. He said, say that on the stage, and I said it, I think it meant I'm stupid. Did everyone laugh? Yah they did have a chuckle so I think that might've been what it meant," he said.

The 32-year-old also just wrapped up Kokua Fest and released his fifth album, "Sleep Through the Static."

"I just try to gather all the songs over the last few years, get together in the studio and record them," he said. "We never feel too much pressure to try to change our sounds like some bands have."

But there are a few more darker themes on this album. Johnson, lost a good friend, Danny, while he was writing the record.

"I think the theme of the record is about letting things go in a positive way, you know, having to teach a kid how to swim and you let him go for a second and he starts to doggy paddle and starts to sink then you gotta grab him. Learning about letting a person become their own person or in Danny's case, letting him go in his final journey," he said.

But overall, don't expect any big changes with this album or anything else. Remember, the last time he tried to change something, it didn't last long.