Rice Prices Rising

Tyler Tanigawa
Tyler Tanigawa

HONOLULU (KHNL)--The price of rice is going up. And a shortage of jasmine rice has the local Sam's Club rationing it. Two scoops of rice is the standard in any plate lunch. But the hike in the price of rice could affect what you pay for your meal.

Locally we love rice with everything, white rice, brown rice, fried rice, jasmine rice. At Tani's lunchwagon plate lunches come with two scoops.

"My business is heavily dependent on rice," states Tyler Tanigawa owner of Tani's lunchwagon on Dillingham Boulevard.

Expect to pay more for this island side. "The price of rice has steadily been going up in past few years. I've noticed but recently almost everything has been skyrocketing," adds Tanigawa.

Given fuel prices, rice grown in California and Japan is expensive to ship. The owners of local plate lunch places may have to raise their prices.

"Eventually gonna have to try to pass it onto customers cannot take a loss for that long or take that much of a loss."

There's an international shortage of jasmine rice, so it's very expensive.

"Well it's gone up for jasmine rice gone up over 100 percent and right now shipment on the way we'll see another huge increase," says Maly San Luis

The reason is supply and demand.

"For our rice mainly because of the shortage in Asia all our rice comes from Thailand normally India, Vietnam used to export but there is a shortage for domestic consumption so the government has cut out any exports," believes San Luis.

Locally Sam's Club has resorted to rationing jasmine rice. 5 bags per customer. And local Asian markets are passing on the price increase to customers.