Warrior Football Player Gets Warm Wishes From Home

PAGO PAGO, American Samoa (KHNL) -- Faith, family and football. It's three of the most important things in any Samoan young man's life.

Starting Warrior left guard Keith Ahsoon's family is more than 2,000 miles away in American Samoa. On a recent trip to the south pacific, we were able to help bring them closer together.

His teammates call him "The Bear".

They say it's because of the size of his paws.

But at 6'1", 315 pounds, Keith Ahsoon keeps a soft spot in his heart for his family.

"When they first see him, they say 'oh wow, he's so big he must be mean,' but when you approach him, his voice just changes everything," said Skyline Nua, Ahsoon's cousin.

"That's like the backbone of everything you do, your family and they get to be there when you need them, that's the best thing ever is to have your family," said Ahsoon.

Being that Keith's a long way from home, I had the chance to bring back a little bit of his family to give to him.

His family has this to say:

"Keep up the good work, we're all proud of you Keith."

"I love you."

"We miss you, come back some time and check us out."

"We're all so very proud of you."

"I love you and hope you come home soon."

"Do the best, so you can get every kind of food you want."

"Remember Nike size 9 black."

"It's tough man, I never seen them say stuff like that, there's no words to explain how I felt when I get to see them say stuff that I don't think they could say in front of my face, but it just touches my heart that they really support me and they really pray for me," said Ahsoon.

And everyday Keith is praying for them. But despite the fact that there's thousands of miles between him and his family, Ahsoon doesn't feel alone here in Hawaii.

"We're so far away we don't get to see them, but at the same time you have your family here in Hawaii, you have your teammates and your coaching staff and everybody that is involved in your life, so that's just important about having a family and stuff, it's just really important," Ahsoon said.

Even though Ahsoon feels a kinship with his fellow Warriors, nothing can compare to his family at home.

"That hits the spot," said Ahsoon.  "It made me feel special, it just lifted my soul up and hopefully one day I'll be blessed for whatever god has for me."

The last time Keith was in American Samoa was shortly after the Sugar Bowl. And he plans to return during the Christmas holidays.