Grice-Mullins Preparing for NFL Draft

Ryan Grice-Mullins
Ryan Grice-Mullins

MANOA (KHNL) -- It's a time when boys become men and college football players become millionaires.

But the NFL draft isn't something you just walk into, it's something you spend months preparing for. Just ask former Warrior receiver, Ryan Grice-Mullins.

Ever since the first week of this year, Ryan Grice-Mullins has prepared himself for this very weekend.

"Six days after the Bowl game was over, I've trained hard every morning, six days a week," said Grice-Mullins.

This weekend is the NFL draft, where Grice-Mullins, along with all his former Warrior teammates hope to take their game to the next level.

"I definitely did all I can do, now it's just a waiting game so you just put everything into God's hands now," he said.

Everything including his leg. Grice-Mullins is nursing a strained hamstring, something he suffered at this month's pro day.

"I've been out here getting rehab and training, since I've been out here my leg has felt a whole lot better, and it's almost 100%," he said.

Despite the minor injury teams have shown interest in RGM's services, but Ryan's staying mum on who.

"I'm gonna keep that a little low, but my agent's definitely been talking to people, people have been calling in but you still never know with the draft."

One thing teams do know -- Ryan is much faster than they originally thought.

"It's kind of funny teams thought I was slower than I really was, so at the pro day running my time really helped a lot."

Grice-Mullins ran a 4.33 forty earlier this month, which impressed a lot of scouts.

The NFL draft begins on Saturday with rounds one through three.

It continues on Sunday with rounds four through seven.

Be sure to tune in this weekend, where we'll keep you updated on all of Hawaii's selections.