Volunteers Spend Earth Day Cleaning Up

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- It's the nation's biggest annual community improvement program.

The Great American Clean-up happens this Saturday.

And, here in Hawaii, volunteers from the organization Nani O' Waianae are getting a head start in observance of Earth Day!

About 180 students from the Voyager Charter School in Honolulu spent part of their day cleaning up Mother Waldren Park in Kakaako and the surrounding area.

The afternoon began with a briefing on why it's important to keep the earth clean. It's nothing these kids haven't heard before. The topic is a regular part of their studies.

"Earth Day is only celebrated once a year, but we take it very seriously at school. We talk about it all the time and their responses in class to questions makes them seem wise beyond their years."

Wise enough to know that our state is one small part of the earth and needs special attention.

"Hawaii has many people living on it and it's kind of like living in a trash can if you have too much trash and junk all over the place so we want to keep it clean," said

They picked up everything from small pieces of trash to car tires and even a small refrigerator door. It's a lot of hard work, but they realize that it can be very rewarding.

"It's definitely worth it, because people always say Hawaii is so beautiful and we want to keep it that way," said

On Oahu, 25 sites will be cleaned up with more than 5,000 volunteers participating.