Walking The Talk

I was driving behind a van the other day and saw the ever-present bumper sticker, "Keiki On Board". OK, thanks for the information or warning. Frankly, I think we should all drive carefully whether we are informed of said vehicle's occupants or not. But that's not what really caught my attention.

The next thing I noticed was the left arm hanging out the driver's side window with a cigarette dangling. Now I'm sure this driver loves his keiki as much as anyone else does, but does it make sense to ask us to be careful when you aren't taking responsibility yourself? Do too many parents give such mixed messages- admonish kids about eating habits while piling up their plates with unhealthy choices? Push kids to do their homework while they never pick up a book or paper or magazine, or even have a back and forth chat with their kids about school study topics?

And then there are those who talk about helping the environment, and then buy cartons of water in plastic bottles which require tons of fossil fuels to make or recycle, or who drive around in gas-guzzling vehicles. People should spend less time talking about what's right or who's right, and spend more time simply doing what's right. Maybe others will get the message through osmosis or respect and take action, rather than the hypocrisy of those who say one thing and do another. How's your track record on walking the talk? Think about it...