Le Jardin Students Show Off Earth-Friendly Projects

Camille Watts
Camille Watts
Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson

KAILUA (KHNL) -- Some windward Oahu students spent this Earth Day showing off some of their projects aimed at making planet earth a better place for all of us.

This Le Jardin Academy junior is a girl on mission.

Camille Watts is generating watts of electricity.

Using her peddle power to power her TV.

"I'm converting my exercise into power and stuff and then I'm able to take that power I've created from my bike and power appliances," said Watts.

For her, the peddle power plan kills two birds with one stone.

Cutting down on energy use and cutting down the waistline.

"So like, if you want to watch TV, you have to peddle to power it in which case you'd be exercising while you watch or you just watch less TV," said Watts.

Watts says it can also be a helpful tool in the event of an emergency.

"If there was a hurricane or something and power cut out, you just peddle for a couple of hours and you have light."

The school also showed off what is believed to be the world's very first electric powered bamboo vehicle.

The car, which can reach speeds of nearly 30 mph, has generated international headlines.

"The message is certainly to promote sustainability throughout Hawaii and around the world to just make things greener and more efficient," said Thomas Wilson, another Le Jardin student.

The car, initially built as a joke, now serves as another example of how to harness energy, without relying on the earth's precious and dwindling resources.

"How can we not act on such an issue like this, we were born from the earth and it's our only hope," said Wilson. "How can we not help it, how can we not preserve it?"

Students also planted a Koa tree on campus to remind future students of the need to protect the earth.