Colt Anxious to Get the Call This Weekend

HONOLULU (KHNL)- The dreams of tomorrow's NFL stars starts this weekend, in the two day NFL Draft.

Among the hundreds expected to be chosen -- former Hawaii top gun Colt Brennan. And he's anxious to finish this long process.

For Colt Brennan, the months of working out, tests, and drills, all culminate with this weekend's NFL Draft.

"I'm just excited to know that i know when Sunday's over, it's back to playing football," said Brennan, during a phone interview from California. "I'll know where I'm going, and I'll be excited to get going and I'll be happy that the process will be over with and it's time to have fun and go play football."

Colt's answered questions about his weight, and his arm, but one question that might still be unanswered -- his hip, which he had surgery on two weeks ago.

"It's just the fact that I'm having surgery is a question mark," he said. "And the more question marks you have, the more teams are weary of choosing you. So teams just have to trust that my surgery went great and i'm gonna be fine in a couple of weeks."

Colt's projected to be picked in the later rounds, but he has no clue on when or where. He says it doesn't matter. The only thing he wants is an opportunity.

"I'd want to get out there and play right away," he said. "I wanna try and become a starter right away. I know how difficult that is, how hard that is, but that's what I wanna do and that's what i'm gonna be working for."

And it all starts this weekend.

"I don't know how focused I'll be on the tv and watching the draft," said Brennan. "But I'll have my phone next to me. and probably with my family, waiting for that phone call."

First three rounds of the draft are on Saturday, and the 4th through 7th rounds are on Sunday.