Police Cite Alcohol, Speed as Factors in Crash that Injured Teen

Carol McNamee
Carol McNamee

RED HILL (KHNL) -- Speed and alcohol are being blamed for an early-morning crash on Oahu that left a teen critically injured.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving expresses concern, as we enter a traditionally dangerous season.

Each time someone's injured in a drunken driving crash, it breaks Carol McNamee's heart.

"All these crashes are 100% preventable," McNamee of MADD Hawaii said. "They're senseless."

The latest incident happened on the west-bound side of the Moanalua Freeway shortly after midnight. Investigators say a 29-year-old man lost control of his speeding car. It spun out and slammed into a dirt hill.

Sources say the car had open beer containers inside.

"It just shows that people, too, are not thinking about not only what might happen to themselves, but what might happen to a passenger," McNamee said.

Police say a 17-year-old boy riding in the car suffered internal injuries, and was in critical condition.

"It is the worst pain known to man, actually, to lose a child or have a child seriously injured in a sudden, violent way, which drunk driving is," McNamee said.

The driver went to the hospital in serious condition.

As we head into the graduation season and summer vacation, Mothers Against Drunk Driving is reminding people to make responsible choices.

"I think people believe that it will not happen to them," McNamee said. "And even if they do drink and drive, that this is something that happens to someone else."

MADD says in 2006, Hawaii led the nation in the rate of alcohol-related traffic deaths.