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Local Firm Helps with House Construction

Philip K. White Philip K. White
Lorelei Gallarde Lorelei Gallarde

WAIMANALO (KHNL) -- They're usually the ones who design your home but Saturday, employees from a local architectural firm traded in their paper and pencils for hammers.

Philip K. White and Associates is working with Habitat for Humanity on designing three building projects in addition to the current house that they are working on in Waimanalo.

Usually these employees are sketching out designs for a new house.

But it was a little different, all for a good cause.

"We're all sort of out there pounding nails in the wrong place occasionally and we pull them back up and put them in the right place," said Philip White, the company's president. "They've got a good crew to sort of stupefy things and make sure we don't do too much damage."

"We feel happy. I mean very excited all these people coming out on their volunteer time just taking their time to help us, makes us happy," said Lorelei Gallarde, new home recipient.

Construction on the house began in March and should be done this summer.

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