AT&T, Cell Phones for Soldiers Launch Earth Day Challenge

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KHNL) -- AT&T has partnered with Cell Phones for Soldiers to drive recycling and reduce e-waste by doubling the number of cell phones the charity recycles by Earth Day 2009.

CPFS collects and recycles cell phones and uses the proceeds to buy free phone cards for U.S. military members and their families.

"With Earth Day and Cell Phones for Soldiers, we're turning up the volume on cell phone recycling," said Paul Roth, president of Marketing and Sales for AT&T's wireless unit.  "So far ths year, our weekly in-store recycling averages are five times what they were in 2007 and 28 times more than the same time in 2006."

Since Earth Day 2007, CPFS has collected more than 900,000 cell phones.

AT&T and CPFS have pledged to collect more than 1.8 million devices by next Earth Day.