Revolutionary Recycling At Kokua Fest

Nicole DeVille
Nicole DeVille
Brendan Ogata
Brendan Ogata

WAIKIKI (KHNL) -- More than 8,000 people were at the Kokua Fest Sunday night on this annual Earth Day event.  Besides his music, local singer Jack Johnson has a message.

Concert goers may not know it, but some local students are working behind the scenes to recycle just about everything. It will be reused, reduced and recycled.

Fans eat off biodegradable styrofoam plates and containers made of sugar cane and corn starch. Even the silverware and cups are biodegradable.

Ciera Cummings, a student volunteer said, "It's not just trash we are collecting we have compost that is biodegradable. We shred utensils, plates and we recycle bottles and cans."

After the concert the sorted items will be taken to be recycled or made into compost.

Nicole DeVille another student volunteer added, "It's so unusual for most concerts, they are not focused on trash or recycling because they are so into music.  I think it's great Jack Johnson helps make our environment a better place."

Besides Jack Johnson, the big hit is the biodegrable garbage. Even the leftovers get a second life.

"All leftover food people didn't finish, instead of wasting it, we give to pigs to feed them",  explained Brendan Ogata, a student volunteer.

The volunteers are with the Kamehameha School's tree hugger club. They earned nearly $1,000 by recycling at the concert.