Jack Johnson Rocks Kokua Festival

Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson
Megan Walton
Megan Walton
Marisa Marsh
Marisa Marsh


WAIKIKI (KHNL) -- Songs like "Flake," "Bubble Toes," and "Upside Down" have made Jack Johnson one of America's most popular musicians.  His fans have waited a long time for his live performance at the Kokua Festival Saturday night.

"Listening to Jack is like heaven.  I'm serious," said Megan Walton, a Jack Johnson fan from Kaimuki.

"His music is better than any CDs played over the radio. Seeing him live in concert is the best thing," said Marisa Marsh, another fan who lives in Lanikai.

Johnson, who was born and raised on Oahu's North Shore, headlined the fifth annual Kokua Festival, something he started five years ago with his wife.

"We weren't trying to reinvent the wheel," said Johnson.  "We're just trying to raise money the first year.  From doing that show, we learned about what we might be able to do."

He learned he could make a difference through music.  So he and his wife Kim started the Kokua Hawaii Foundation, a non-profit supporting environmental education in Hawaii schools and communities.

"Just started, not trying to think we do more than anybody else, just thinking we got to expose kids to the good things that are going on in Hawaii," said Johnson.  "And try to open their minds to what the possibilities are."

Each year, the festival has grown.  This year, it's the biggest ever.

"And it's also to Hawaii so that youth and everybody else can hear musicians from overseas and see the local artists from here, so it's a lot of things in one," said Johnson.  "It's to bring great music, it's to support the foundation."

Supporting a foundation that support the environment.

Johnson grew up on Oahu's North Shore and began surfing at a young age.  So, he says, it's second-nature for him to care about the environment and preserve it for future generations.

The Kokua Festival concludes Sunday.